Solving Problems with Meeting Options in Teams

Do you ever get a message telling you you can’t change the meeting options for a meeting you set up? It’s probably due to what you were doing the last time you used the Teams web app (aka Teams in your web browser).

These messages changed a little while ago to show you who is signed in. In the above I’m trying to change the meeting options for a meeting I just created in the Teams desktop app. The snag is it thinks I’m signed in to the Microsoft tenant as a guest user and that user can’t change my meeting.

Confused – you are not alone, but there is a simple fix. Sign into Teams in your browser (go to and pick use in browser, if prompted to open the app), then switch back to your main tenant.

Try the meeting options again and hey presto, it works.

Meeting options are a great way to control the meeting and keep control by setting who can present. Presenters have almost as much control of the meeting as you. Presenters can’t access the meeting options, nor download the attendance list but otherwise they can do everything you can.

Table of meeting roles taken from Roles in a Teams meeting – Office Support (

You access meeting options from the meeting invite or during the meeting from the participants pane

All open in your web browser. But if you are still having issues accessing the options then join the meeting early and use the new Meeting Options from the … menu

This opens the meeting options within the meeting, so no clashes with permissions at all.

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