My First Custom Together Mode Scene

To accompany Build 2021, there is a new Teams blog with enhancements for developers.  Have a read at What caught my eye was the Together Mode custom scenes and it is surprisingly simple.  Here’s the official guide To create your own to test, navigate to and sign in with your Microsoft 365Continue reading “My First Custom Together Mode Scene”

Out of Office Automatic Replies

Did you know there are many options for setting your out of office or automatic replies in #Office365 including from #MicrosoftTeams

Delegated Team Meeting Creation

Lots of people don’t create the meeting invites for the meetings they run in this blog I will lay out what the issues are and then consider ways to avoid these when acting as a scheduler.

Manage Teams Meeting Options

Teams meeting options are how you can control who can do what in your meeting. In the Education sphere this control is essential but they are also very useful in many other scenarios.

Make Fun of Virtual Meeting Fatigue

Are you sick of virtual meetings and training courses yet? To be honest, I’m not. However I have been looking for ways to ring some changes. It does get dull, always hearing (and saying) the same old phrases, so I’ve made myself some flashcards. And I gift them to you here – enjoy!

Where is my meeting recording?

With Teams meeting recordings moving to OneDrive and SharePoint from Stream users and admins need to understand what this change means. It’s not just the location a recording is stored that is changing but also who can records and the sharing options once the recording is done.

Microsoft Teams Break Out Rooms – Some Early Observations

With the launch of breakout rooms for adhoc and scheduled Team meetings, many people are celebrating and it is a much requested feature, but how does it work.
Microsoft have released a couple of great articles so I’m not going to reinvent the wheel and write a full guide myself, but I would like to share my early observations.

Green Screen, Teams and OBS Studio

How I got up and running using a green screen, OBS Studio and Microsoft Teams to give a more professional video in training sessions. #mctbuzz #MicrosoftTeams #OBSStudio

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