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Preparing for Shared Channels

Whilst we await the release of Shared Channels to Public Preview by end March 2022, there are a couple of things Administrators can be doing to prepare for, or indeed block, Shared Channels in Microsoft Teams.

The Viva Realist

Did you attend the Microsoft 365 User Group on 8th December 2021? Lesley Crook (Twitter Linked In) & I presented “Microsoft Viva: The Pitch, The Use, The Config”. Whilst Lesley is the Viva Visionary, I’m the Viva Realist, presenting the current state of the Viva tools as well as how to configure the Viva modules.Continue reading “The Viva Realist”

Using eDiscovery to find Teams Data

eDiscovery is used to conduct content investigations in Microsoft 365.   There are 3 eDiscovery solutions with slightly features.  All 3 can be used to discover Teams data, though not ALL Teams data is discoverable.

Organisation Wide Backgrounds

With background effects coming to Teams for the web, providing your users with organisation standardised backgrounds is going to be even more useful.  If like me you’ve been looking in vain for the organisation wide backgrounds in Microsoft Teams, then you too have probably been looking in the wrong place. The articles I read allContinue reading “Organisation Wide Backgrounds”

MS-700 Useful PowerShell – Part 1

First in a series designed to support those studying for the MS-700 exam to appreciate how to do many of the tasks in the course using PowerShell. 

My First Custom Together Mode Scene

To accompany Build 2021, there is a new Teams blog with enhancements for developers.  Have a read at What caught my eye was the Together Mode custom scenes and it is surprisingly simple.  Here’s the official guide To create your own to test, navigate to and sign in with your Microsoft 365Continue reading “My First Custom Together Mode Scene”

Where is my meeting recording?

With Teams meeting recordings moving to OneDrive and SharePoint from Stream users and admins need to understand what this change means. It’s not just the location a recording is stored that is changing but also who can records and the sharing options once the recording is done.

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