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Out of Office Automatic Replies

Did you know there are many options for setting your out of office or automatic replies in #Office365 including from #MicrosoftTeams

Meeting Transcription

There are two ways of displaying in text format what is said during a Microsoft Teams Meeting; Live Captions and Transcript.  Live captions are shown on screen (usually at the bottom of the meeting screen) and disappear as new captions are generated.  Live captions are visible only to users who switch them on. Live Captions canContinue reading “Meeting Transcription”

My Favourite Virtual Background Sources

Apart from creating my own backgrounds in PowerPoint which I covered in an earlier post, these are my personal favourite sources for background images for virtual meetings. Create your own Teams backdrop using PowerPoint – The Teams Queen Blog Ikea https://backgroundsbyikea.com/ Microsoft  https://adoption.microsoft.com/microsoft-teams/custom-backgrounds-gallery/ https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/outlook-blog/online-meeting-backgrounds-outlook-exchange-amp-bookings/ba-p/1688841 https://education.microsoft.com/en-us/resource/6eb1ef79 Warner Bros https://www.warnerbros.com/news/articles/2020/07/08/virtual-backgrounds-microsoft-teams-calls

Delegated Team Meeting Creation

Lots of people don’t create the meeting invites for the meetings they run in this blog I will lay out what the issues are and then consider ways to avoid these when acting as a scheduler.

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