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Meeting Recording Expiry Dates

You may have started to see meeting expiry recording notifications in Microsoft Teams.  Before you panic, you it is simply letting you know that the expiry date is now being enforced. Meeting recording expiry is set by the meeting policy assigned to the user who recorded the meeting. The person who recorded the meeting andContinue reading “Meeting Recording Expiry Dates”

Praise and Praise History

To celebrate the 5th Birthday of Microsoft Teams on March 14th 2022, I’m publishing this article help you rediscover one of the early features of Teams. After all, a birthday is a great opportunity to send Praise!

Preparing for Shared Channels

Whilst we await the release of Shared Channels to Public Preview by end March 2022, there are a couple of things Administrators can be doing to prepare for, or indeed block, Shared Channels in Microsoft Teams.

Keeping your Focus in Meetings

Distractions in virtual/hybrid meetings & training courses are a big pain point, so make the most of the video focus tools to help you get the most of your Microsoft Teams meetings and webinars.

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