Meeting Transcription

There are two ways of displaying in text format what is said during a Microsoft Teams Meeting; Live Captions and Transcript. 

Live captions are shown on screen (usually at the bottom of the meeting screen) and disappear as new captions are generated.  Live captions are visible only to users who switch them on. Live Captions can also be switched on when watching recordings, but only if transcription was enabled for the meeting organiser.

The transcript appears in the side pane (same as meeting chat) which users can scroll during the meeting and is saved for download after the meeting.  Transcripts are visible to all meeting participants, including guests using the Teams app on PC or Mac.  If accessing a meeting from the Teams web app you will only be able see the transcript after the meeting via the chat or meeting details.

Your Teams administrator can control if these features are available for you, so not everyone will have this functionality.  If you do not have these options and you need them, please discuss with your Teams administrator.

 To start the transcript, from the … Menu choose Start transcription

 You will see the banner confirming transcription has started.

Other participants will also get a notification.

 The transcript is visible in the side box

and can be displayed, hidden or stopped from the … menu 

If you then choose to record the meeting for sound & video as well as transcribe the meeting, the banner notification includes both transcript and recording information.  Here the recording was started after the transcript

 And you can still access the meeting recording from the chat, as normal.

 When stopping a recording yet still running the transcript you see the normal stop recording message

 Followed by the banner indicating the meeting is still being transcribed

And this banner shows the transcription has stopped but the recording continues.

 Once you stop transcribing the meeting you see a banner confirmation that it has stopped. 

 After the meeting is over, the recording and transcript are available from the meeting details in the Teams calendar

 and also under the Recordings & Transcripts tab

where you can also download the transcript, as a Word document or video text transcript (vtt) file.

 Using Transcripts with People from Other Organisations

 If people have transcripts feature enabled then you can use transcripts with users from other organisations too.  On the left in this image, you see the view for the meeting organiser and on the right the attendee from another organisation.  Only people from the same organisation as the person who set up the meeting can start the transcript but people from other organisations can view it, both during and after the meeting.

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