Screen Sharing from Teams on a Mobile phone

Working from home for a lot of people will bring added flexibility. For many remote working also allows us to shift the times of day we get the majority of our work done. However, it is vital to remain available during normal business hours and here the Teams mobile app can help.

Many organisations have an ethos that you have to be present to be productive. This isn’t the case for many people, but that argument aside, staying connected to colleagues, partners and customers is really important even if you are able to be more flexible with when in the day you do the bulk of your work. Hence this blog post.

The post focuses on Teams on a mobile phone, but is equally true of Teams on a tablet.

Microsoft Teams is one of the major tools being used to build virtual networks of people including those who work at remote locations or from home.

Imagine you’ve popped out for a bit of fresh air and a colleague needs your input on something urgently. Thankfully you have your mobile phone with you, Teams is installed and you have a signal. So you start a call with your colleague to help them out there and then.

And now you need to screen share. It’s actually quite simple.

Tap the … as you would in the desktop or web app and choose Share
Choose share screen
If prompted give your device permission to share your screen via Teams

Other top tips for Teams calls and meetings on a mobile device include:

  • PCs are landscape so turn your phone on its side for the biggest picture
  • Check to see if you blur your background when joining a call (feature rolling out at time of writing)
  • Switch off incoming video if your connection is struggling
  • Always check sound and video options as joining.

At the time of writing this, the world is struggling to cope with COVID-19 and it’s topical. However these skills will be useful when we return to normal. The new normal may well see more of us working remotely and using our new communication skills.

Published by sfennah

I am a freelance learning professional with over 22 years’ experience including holding 30+ Microsoft certifications and Microsoft Certified Trainer status since 2008.

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