Create your own Teams backdrop using PowerPoint

You probably already know that you can add your own pictures into Microsoft Teams to use as a background.  But just in case you didn’t, here’s how (only works on desktop, not bowser or mobile apps)

  • Save your picture somewhere sensible.  (I created a folder in my OneDrive called TeamsBackgrounds, so if I move to a new PC, I still have my background images available).
  • In Teams go to the calendar and click Meet Now
  • On the join screen click the background effects button
  • Click the +Add new button and upload your picture
  • Once uploaded, check your image is showing (it’ll be at the bottom) and then you can close the meeting window.  It’ll be available when you next join a meeting to select by clicking the background effects button as above.

If you don’t have a handy image to use you can create your own in PowerPoint.

  • Create your slide. 
    • Lighter backgrounds are best, but not white
    • Remember Teams will sit you in the middle at the bottom of the screen so keep key details away from the middle third of the screen, though you can use the top section – use the areas shown in blue below and avoid the white bit where the person is
  • When you are happy save the file as an image (remember to save the PowerPoint too, so you can edit if required)
    • File ->Export – > Change File Type and choose jpeg
  • Save your picture somewhere sensible. 
  • Follow steps above to add to Teams.

NOTE: If you have text on your image, it will appear backward for you in Teams, but the correct way round to the people you are meeting with!

In my template the blue blocks are all 11.25cm wide, splitting the slide into 1/3rds, the small one is 4cm tall. Its not an exact science, with some images takes a bit of trial and error to get it looking good. So the blue blocks are more illustrative than definitive.

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I am a freelance learning professional with over 22 years’ experience including holding 30+ Microsoft certifications and Microsoft Certified Trainer status since 2008.

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