Organisation Wide Backgrounds

With background effects coming to Teams for the web, providing your users with organisation standardised backgrounds is going to be even more useful.  If like me you’ve been looking in vain for the organisation wide backgrounds in Microsoft Teams, then you too have probably been looking in the wrong place.

The articles I read all said to go to Meeting Policies and add your images, so I have been looking in the actual policies, but could see nowhere to add background images.  Then today I spotted the Customize Meeting Images button on the top right of the screen!

Organisation wide background images require users to be assigned the Advanced Communications licence to benefit to view and apply.

To add images for use by your organisation, in the Teams Admin Center, expand Meetings and choose Meeting Policies, then at the top right click Customize Meeting Images  button.

Image showing Teams Admin Center with the meeting policies menu option selected and customize meeting images button highlighted to assist with navigation.

You now need to turn On the custom backgrounds and add your images

Image showing the customize meeting images screen to illustrate position of the Custom backgrounds on toggle and add button.

You can add up to 50 images in the Managing Backgrounds space.  Images can be in JPG or PNG format and must be between 360x360px and 3840x2160px.

Image showing the managing backgrounds screen with 6 images added.  The managing backgrounds screen also states "Select up to 50 images that you'd like to add.  These images will appear on users' interfaces in order of upload.  Only users with an advanced comms SKU will see these images."

It can take up to 24 hours for them to appear, but your users will be able to use the organisational background just the same as any others, better yet, they appear at the top of the list of available backgrounds.

Image shows the Teams meeting join screen with the 6 organisational background images shown after no background and blur but before the stock images.

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