To Enable Shared Channels Between Two Organisations

Shared Channels are a channel within a Microsoft Teams Team.  There are two stand out features which make this type of channel so eagerly anticipated People (and Teams) can be given access to just the channel, without needing to join the team Even channels hosted by another organisation are found in the list of TeamsContinue reading “To Enable Shared Channels Between Two Organisations”

The Viva Realist

Did you attend the Microsoft 365 User Group on 8th December 2021? Lesley Crook (Twitter Linked In) & I presented “Microsoft Viva: The Pitch, The Use, The Config”. Whilst Lesley is the Viva Visionary, I’m the Viva Realist, presenting the current state of the Viva tools as well as how to configure the Viva modules.Continue reading “The Viva Realist”

The Disappearing Presence Mystery

A little while ago people kept saying to me “I still can’t see your presence”.  For some reason my Teams online presence was not showing for people outside my organisation, no matter how many time I reset it, whilst it was still visible to my colleagues.  I then did a bit of testing and discoveredContinue reading “The Disappearing Presence Mystery”