Comparing Teams Channel Types

With the announcement that Shared Channels in Microsoft teams is now generally available, it’s worth considering the different types of channels.  

There are now three types of channels available within a Team:

  1. Standard Channel 
  2. Private Channel 
  3. Shared Channel 
FeatureStandard ChannelPrivate ChannelShared Channel
DescriptionChannel for all team membersChannel for a sub set of team membersChannel available to be shared with team members and none team members
Guests Permitted (subject to organisation level controls)YesBoth Azure AD and Consumer emailYesBoth Azure AD and Consumer emailYesAzure AD only
Tabs AvailableFull RangeLimited.  Notable exceptions are Tasks (Planner) and CalendarLimited.  Notable exceptions are Tasks (Planner) and Calendar
Compliance Conversation StorageGroup MailboxMember mailboxesDedicated Mailbox
Files StoredTeam SharePoint Site / Documents /ChannelChannel SharePoint Site / Documents*Channel SharePoint Site / Documents
External Access Controlled fromExternal Collaboration settingsB2B Collaboration settingsExternal Collaboration settingsB2B Collaboration settingsExternal Collaboration settingsB2B Direct Connect settings

*Note: That Channel sites used to create a channel folder in the Documents library as for standard channels.  However this is no longer the case going forward.  Older private channels will keep their existing structure.

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