First Look at Microsoft Presenter+

The Microsoft Presenter+ is a presentation remote device and Microsoft Teams remote in one device. Whilst many presentation remotes do advance slides in Microsoft Teams meetings, including when presenting with PowerPoint Live inside Microsoft Teams, but you will still find yourself reaching for the mouse to mute or use the pointer on your slides. This is where the Presenter+ comes in.

For those short on time, here’s my quick video guide to using the Presenter+ and the official Microsoft guidance on using Microsoft Presenter+. Link to Microsoft UK Store to purchase.

Let’s have a look at setting up the Presenter+, as it gives a nice overview of the features.

Step 1: If working on Windows device, download and install the Microsoft Accessory Center app

Step 2: Add as bluetooth device, either by from the prompt or manually

Smart Connect Bluetooth Device Prompt in Windows 11

Step 3: Open the Microsoft Accessory Center or follow the prompt to continue setting up your device. Work through the screens to review how the presenter works.

Once set up, the Accessory Center app allows you to customize the Presenter+.

Accessory Center Presenter+ settings

The previous and next buttons have a number of different options for press and hold. The ones marked as (PowerPoint) work with desktop version of PowerPoint only.

Previous button press and hold options

The device also has tactile feedback, also known as vibrations you can customise

Tactile signal options

Call control options allow you to enable or disable the push to talk, or temporary unmute feature.

Call Control options

The last screen is Device details, but what I really liked here was the handy find my device button!

Device Details

If you choose to pair the Presenter+ with multiple devices the setting carry over so simply pair and get the same configuration on each device.

In conclusion, although I have yet to use the Presenter+ to present with, in the testing I’ve done I can easily see it becoming the device I use during meetings and my trusty Logitech Spotlight will be my presenter remote for in person as I love the magnify and spotlight options on that device especially when presenting in larger rooms.

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