It’s time to re-Ignite your Tech Enthusiasm

Sorry for the bad pun, but it is MS Ignite starting today. The Microsoft community tends to get quite excitable at this time with promises of new toys to play with. But this year Ignite is taking place all over the world at the same time with in-person “Spotlights” as well as the digital conference – a true example of hybrid.

There are also a number of community events happening at the same time. In the UK this weekend we have South Coast Summit, where you can also join in remotely to MS Ignite on Thursday 13th October 2022 see for more info.

As for Ignite, these are my top picks to watch live or on demand. Most sessions will be available on demand 24-48 hours after live broadcast.

And finally after the keynote starts so will the publication of all the blog posts, but my recommendation is to always start with the book of news, which should use the same aka link as previous years

Published by sfennah

I am a freelance learning professional with over 22 years’ experience including holding 30+ Microsoft certifications and Microsoft Certified Trainer status since 2008.

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