Teams Premium Articles

  • Teams Premium Meeting Protection

    Microsoft Teams Premium is an add-on to Microsoft 365 and brings additional features.  In this blog series we’ll explore each of the 5 categories of features: I’ve also written an overview of Teams Premium and who needs it and a first steps guide for the public preview or all my Teams Premium articles on oneContinue…

  • Meeting Templates

    Meeting templates will help users create meetings with the correct settings in meeting options as the template applies those setting automatically.  The meeting templates also help with governance as they enforce the meeting options set in the template.  Templated meetings published to the user show up on the New Meeting button in the Teams client,Continue…

  • Sensitivity Labels in Teams Meetings

    Sensitivity labels can now be assigned to meetings as part of Teams Premium.  This provides the ability to limit access to the meeting invite and responses in Outlook and Teams as well as the meeting and chat in Teams as well as enforce meeting options for the meeting.  Sensitivity Labels will be best used inContinue…

  • Teams Premium End-to-End Meeting Encryption

    Included in Teams Premium end-to-end encryption for meetings provides an additional layer of security

  • Watermarking your Teams Meeting

    Watermarking is a Teams Premium feature intended to be used as a deterrent to stop attendees taking and sharing screenshot of meetings and people in the meeting by overlaying their email address onto the incoming video and shared content.

  • Teams Premium Meeting Customization

    Exploring the Meeting customization features of Teams Premium

  • What is Microsoft Teams Premium and Who Needs it?

    Not everyone will need Teams Premium, but most organisations will find that there people in the organisation who will benefit.

  • First Steps with Teams Premium Public Preview

    The public preview of Teams Premium is now available.  In this blog I’ll look at how to sign up and how to enable Meeting Encryption, Water Marking, Meeting Templates, Advanced Webinars plus some of the meeting branding experiences

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