Teams Premium End-to-End Meeting Encryption

End-to-end encryption for meetings provides an additional layer of security with encryption applied at the start of data transmission and decrypted at the end.  Audio, video and screen sharing are all encrypted.  Whilst standard Teams meeting encryption involves encrypting data in transit, end-to-end encryption allows users to verify the connection is encrypted along the whole transmission chain.

Not all meeting features are available in an end-to-end encrypted meeting. The following features are not available in encrypted meetings:

  • Meeting recording
  • Live Transcriptions
  • Together mode
  • Large gallery view
  • Companion Mode
  • Breakout Rooms

To use end-to-end encryption, enable the option in Meeting Options before the meeting starts.  Note that recording options are now greyed out.

When joining an encrypted meeting you will see a message confirming that the meeting encryption is active.

There is also a secure logo in the top left corner of the meeting window.

Meeting participants can verify that end-to-end encryption is active by verifying they can see the same number


Only the meeting organiser needs the Teams Premium licence applied for the encryption feature to be applied to the meeting.


End-to-end encrypted meetings are supported when the parties are on Teams desktop (Windows & Mac), Teams mobile and Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows.

Admin and Set up

To ensure the feature is available for users to apply via meeting options it must be enabled in the appropriate Enhanced encryption policy/policies.

Further Reading

IT Pro: Require end-to-end encryption for sensitive Teams meetings

End User: Use end-to-end encryption for Teams meetings – Microsoft Support

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