First Steps Using Viva Learning

If you are an admin have a look at Here comes Viva Learning – The Teams Queen Blog for information on setting up Viva Learning for your organisation.

Finding Viva Learning

Once your organisation has given you have access to Viva Learning, you will find it on the app under the … on the side rail and searching for Viva Learning.

Searching for Viva Learning from ... menu on Teams side rail

On first run, you will see tips on Home, My Learning and Settings links, as shown below.

Viva Learning home page showing tool tip pointing to Home link which states there are over 10,000 items to browse
Home page tool tip "In Home, you can browse and discover from a library of 10,000+ courses"
My Learning page tool tip "In My Learning you can find your due courses and personally curated content"
... menu tool tip "Select Show me around here to access this tour again."

The … menu will allow you to run these tool tips again using Show me around

... menu which includes About, Show me around, Learn More, Give Feedback and Settings.

On the home page you see featured content, which is controlled by Microsoft, followed by a guide to help get you started. 

Below that you can browse all available learning content grouped by your Interests, the Providers, or course Duration.

extract from Viva Learning home page showing the 3 groupings under the Browse Courses heading.

On the My Learning page you can view learning you have Bookmarked, which has been Recommended to you by colleagues or your manager/employer, those you have Recently viewed and also those you have previously Completed.

My Learning page with headings as described above

Personalise Your Viva Learning

It is recommended that you start by picking your interests

Home page on first run experience with interests to pick

Next make sure you are getting all the content you are entitled to by checking sign in/permissions for your available content sources from the menu and choosing Settings.

Content sources in the settings menu showing LinkedIn Learning Premium with sign in button

Please note that the LinkedIn Learning premium option only works with LinkedIn Learning organisational accounts but not personal premium LinkedIn accounts.

Under Permissions you can check that you have access to the SharePoint site which populates the list of resources from your own organisation.

Clicking the Check access button will open the SharePoint list which is used to publish the information into Viva Learning.  You will most likely have read only access to this.  If you do not have the required permissions you will see a Request Access page when you click on the Check access button.

Permissions screen in the settings menu showing SharePoint with check access button

You are now ready to get started using Viva Learning.

Finding and Bookmarking Content

To find learning content you can use the Browse courses section of the home page or use the search box to search for specific terms.

Search box with Viva as search tern and results from LinkedIn, Microsoft Learn and Microsoft Learning sources

 When you click onto the learning topic, from search or browse, you can see a summary of the content plus you have the ability to Bookmark the content to find it again more quickly from the My Learning page.

Course details page with course summary, open button, share button, bookmark button and related courses

You can also bookmark directly from the browse courses page.

course card on home page with bookmark flag highlighted

Share Content with Colleagues

Both the course detail and browse courses pages, also include the ability to share learning content with colleagues via Teams Message or by copying the link to share in a different messaging tool, such as email.

course card on home page with share button selected showing Teams and copy link options available

You can learn more about Viva Learning with Microsoft’s official support guide Viva Learning (

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