Using Cameo in Microsoft Teams Meetings

Cameo in PowerPoint is a feature which embeds webcam video into your slides, which means you can position your webcam where you want. Initially this feature was best used for recording content with PowerPoint, but it is now also supported by Microsoft Teams when presenting using PowerPoint Live. This means that your web cam will be positioned on the slide in the camera object, rather than in the normal meeting video position in Teams meetings.

Note: At time of publication (July 2nd 2022) Cameo in PowerPoint is only available in Office Insider Beta channel and in Teams meetings using Public Preview. These features are scheduled for general availably in September 2022.

Screenshot showing presentation inside Teams meeting with webcam in object on the slide

This feature is limited to the full desktop client, meeting recording, web & mobile clients show standard layout.

To use this feature, you need to prepare your slides to include the cameo object and then share into the meeting using PowerPoint live.

For more detailed instructions follow the following step by step instructions or view a video of these steps at

Step 1: Create Your Presentation

Build the presentation as normal, adding the Cameo object to each slide. To insert the camera placeholder select Cameo from the Insert ribbon tab.

Cameo button from the Insert ribbon tab

Adjust the size and position of the object on the slide and format the object using the Camera ribbon tab to best fit your content.

The Morph transition gives a smooth visual change between slides, especially when the cameo object is a different shape and/or in a different position on the slide. Apply the transition by choosing Morph on the Transitions ribbon tab

Transitions ribbon tab with Morph transition selected

Step 2: Present in Teams

To share a presentation using PowerPoint Live choose the desired presentation from the Share button in the Teams meeting.

Share menu in Teams meeting showing file in PowerPoint Live list


Once you have joined the Teams meeting and opened the presentation in PowerPoint on your device and select Present in Teams button then confirm in the meeting by selecting Present.

Step3 : Camera on and Choose Cameo Layout

In the meeting ensure your camera is on and virtual background enabled (if using a virtual background), then choose Cameo from the Layout button on the meeting toolbar.

Meeting toolbar with layout option expanded showing Cameo selected with other options of Content Only and Standout available.


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