Teams Premium Meeting Protection

Microsoft Teams Premium is an add-on to Microsoft 365 and brings additional features.  In this blog series we’ll explore each of the 5 categories of features: I’ve also written an overview of Teams Premium and who needs it and a first steps guide for the public preview or all my Teams Premium articles on oneContinue reading “Teams Premium Meeting Protection”

Meeting Templates

Meeting templates will help users create meetings with the correct settings in meeting options as the template applies those setting automatically.  The meeting templates also help with governance as they enforce the meeting options set in the template.  Templated meetings published to the user show up on the New Meeting button in the Teams client,Continue reading “Meeting Templates”

Custom Video Filters

Custom Video filters are rolling out to Teams Public Preview ring at the time of writing. The Microsoft provided filters enable applying colour filters to your video feed such as Black and White And also applying a overlay Both work with virtual backgrounds and video, but will not support the upcoming Avatars. Whilst this featureContinue reading “Custom Video Filters”

It’s time to re-Ignite your Tech Enthusiasm

Sorry for the bad pun, but it is MS Ignite starting today. The Microsoft community tends to get quite excitable at this time with promises of new toys to play with. But this year Ignite is taking place all over the world at the same time with in-person “Spotlights” as well as the digital conference – a true example of hybrid.