Setting Teams Meeting Options

With the launch of the preview of the Teams Premium add-on, many of the options require the user to use Meeting Options, yet many users do not routinely look at these and many are unaware of the features available. This article takes a look at where you can access meeting options.

  1. When creating or editing meetings via the Teams client incl desktop, web and mobile
  1. When creating or editing meeting via Outlook web or desktop client 
  1. From the meeting invite
  1. During a meeting, from the meeting menu you can show/hide meeting options in the side pane 

The Meeting Options with Teams Premium License looks like this for a private scheduled meeting ( a standard Teams Meeting)

And for a meeting organised by a user without Teams Premium it looks like this

The meeting created by the user with Teams Premium has additional features available in the Meeting Options screen specifically:

  • Apply Sensitivity Labels
  • Manage What Attendees Can See
  • Enable Green Room
  • Who can record
  • Apply a watermark to shared content
  • Apply a watermark to everyone’s video feed
  • Meeting Theme
  • Enabled end-to-end Encryption

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