Organisation Wide Backgrounds

With background effects coming to Teams for the web, providing your users with organisation standardised backgrounds is going to be even more useful.  If like me you’ve been looking in vain for the organisation wide backgrounds in Microsoft Teams, then you too have probably been looking in the wrong place. The articles I read allContinue reading “Organisation Wide Backgrounds”

External People in Group Chat in Teams

Group chats in Teams can now include external people.  It’s as simple as creating any group chat in Teams.  First, just make sure you can message the external people to be included in the group.  In other words send them a Teams chat message.  Then simply create a new group or add them to anContinue reading “External People in Group Chat in Teams”

My First Custom Together Mode Scene

To accompany Build 2021, there is a new Teams blog with enhancements for developers.  Have a read at What caught my eye was the Together Mode custom scenes and it is surprisingly simple.  Here’s the official guide To create your own to test, navigate to and sign in with your Microsoft 365Continue reading “My First Custom Together Mode Scene”

Busy on Busy Options – Teams Calling

New options for call handling when a user is busy are availalbe and can be set now using PowerShell.  The option will eventually also be availalbe via the Teams Admin Center in Calling Policy. Call handling when a user is already in a call is called Busy on Busy and by default is off inContinue reading “Busy on Busy Options – Teams Calling”

Enable Stretchy Meetings & Webinars

OK, so Microsoft don’t call them Stretchy Meetings.  Officially they are meetings with view-only attendees but a meeting that can grow to accommodate more users to my mind is stretchy.  But that’s enough about the title of this blog. In two recent message center posts Microsoft announced the rollout of webinars and view only attendeesContinue reading “Enable Stretchy Meetings & Webinars”

Some Observations on the Updated Account Switcher and Menu

The updated menu and account switcher updated functionality has landed in my Teams client as at 7th April 2021 (at least when its set to preview build) and I wanted to share a few observations with you. First up, note the message highlighting the changes The … Menu has settings in it and nice littleContinue reading “Some Observations on the Updated Account Switcher and Menu”

Get Started with Teams PowerShell

PowerShell is very powerful (no pun intended) but if you don’t know what you are doing it can be dangerous, making big changes to your environment without prompting for confirmation.  If you run ANY PowerShell scripts against your Office 365 tenant you alone are fully responsible for the actions undertaken, so please ensure you areContinue reading “Get Started with Teams PowerShell”

Capturing Screen Shots from a Teams Phone

It is possible to capture screen images from a Teams phone using a web browser page.   Please note you do need the phone admin login to use this. Firstly you need to ensure that the device configuration permits screen capture.  To create and assign a device configuration profile, go to the Teams Admin Center andContinue reading “Capturing Screen Shots from a Teams Phone”