The Disappearing Presence Mystery

A little while ago people kept saying to me “I still can’t see your presence”.  For some reason my Teams online presence was not showing for people outside my organisation, no matter how many time I reset it, whilst it was still visible to my colleagues.  I then did a bit of testing and discoveredContinue reading “The Disappearing Presence Mystery”

Getting Started with Viva Topics

Did you catch the launch of Microsoft Viva? If not you might want to have a look at the Viva homepage and the Viva blog on Tech Community. Viva Topics is the second product (after SharePoint Syntex) which has come out of Project Cortex and is available as a 30 day trial now from reading “Getting Started with Viva Topics”

A Busylight with Microsoft Teams

Recently I was asked if I knew of any busy lights for Mcirosoft Teams.    Remember those days when you would walk down the office to see a colleague rather then check their Teams presence? With hybrid working the presence indicator in Teams is still important but its needs extending into our physical spaces too. PersonallyContinue reading “A Busylight with Microsoft Teams”

Organisation Wide Backgrounds

With background effects coming to Teams for the web, providing your users with organisation standardised backgrounds is going to be even more useful.  If like me you’ve been looking in vain for the organisation wide backgrounds in Microsoft Teams, then you too have probably been looking in the wrong place. The articles I read allContinue reading “Organisation Wide Backgrounds”